The Parish Council provides children's play and recreation areas across the Parish.  Those currently managed by us can be found at the following locations:

·         Weir Field – Devizes Road

·         Alexandra Park - Play Area only

·         Belmont Farm - North Wroughton

·         Boness Road Play Area

·         Beranburh Field Play Area

·         Recreation Ground and Play Area – Maunsell Way



There are a few play areas within the parish for which the Parish Council has not assumed leases.  These areas have not yet been handed over by developers and therefore there can be no precise timetable to complete this process.  These facilities are in different stages of their lifetime, some requiring considerable spending to improve safety and update equipment, whilst others are in a more satisfactory condition.

Please note that the following areas have not yet been adopted and these are currently still the responsibility of the developers:

·         Badgers Brook Play Area


If you notice a problem or have any questions relating to the recreational facilities maintained by the Parish Council, please get in touch with the Parish Office.