The Parish Council maintains a number of sports pitch facilities within the Parish that are available for hire at

 Weir Field Recreation Ground – Devizes Road
 Belmont Farm - North Wroughton
 Recreation Ground – Maunsell Way


Charges for the 2016/17 are as follows:

Adult Football Matches                         £40.00
Junior Football Matches (Full Pitch)     £20.00
Junior Football Matches (Mini Pitch)    £2.50
Junior Football Training                        £2.50

Cricket Match                                       £66.00
Cricket Evening/Limited Overs             £33.00
Cancelled Matches                               £33.00

Small Family Fair/Circus                      £40.00
Large Fair/Circus                                 £20.00


The Council are delighted to play host to a number of village teams who use these facilities on a regular basis and priority is given to these teams.  For information on team fixtures and contact details please use the links below.


Please note that the Council may choose not to hire facilities if they consider that doing so could have a detrimental effect on the condition of the grounds.