Wroughton's Neighbourhood Plan was produced after consultation with residents, local businesses and organisations, Swindon Borough Council, potential developers and a number of statutory agencies.


The draft Plan was published in September 2014 and following consultations and independent inspection was updated and formally adopted by Swndon Borough Council on 14 July 2016 (click here to download the Decision Statement). Wroughton’s Neighbourhood Plan is now a recognised planning document to be used when allocating development sites in the parish.  


Residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Wroughton Neighbourhood Plan at the referendum on 9 June 2016. The turn-out of just over 40% is one of the highest turnouts in the country for a Neighbourhood Plan with 87.5% of the electorate voting in favour of its adoption.


It has been a long process which started 3 years ago and the Parish Council would like to thank all the local organisations and parishioners for their help in the production of this plan for the future of Wroughton.


Steve Harcourt, Chair of Wroughton Parish Council said ‘The residents of Wroughton have given a strong message that they support the plan and I would like to personally thank everyone that voted’.


Click on the links below to download a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan.


Copies of these documents and further information can be obtained from the Parish Council office.